5 Days ’till Moose Run by OMA!

1385951_10151739200593335_1348942902_nThat’s right, ONLY 5 more days until the Moose Run – the final round of the OMA series!  The weather in NW Illinois is cool and sunny, with little to no rain in the forecast.  Could this be the easiest Moose Run ever?  Will there be ANY water in Rock Creek?  I’m sure the Gusse’s are pumping water into the ditches as we speak!  Riders scheduled to appear so far are OMA points leader Russell Bobbitt, Nick Fahringer, Jason Thomas and Portugese National Enduro Champ Goncalo Ries.   THIS JUST IN!!!  Multi-time OMA Champ Paul Whibley will not attend this year and instead head home to New Zealand to fully heal up for 2014.

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