G2 Attends OMA & MXC Banquet at Moto Armory Museum

G2 Ergonomics was on hand for the 2013 OMA & MXC Awards Banquet held at the UNBELIEVABLE Moto Armory Museum in East Moline, IL.  This photo shows about 5% of the total collection of mostly off-road motorcycles.  Virtually ANY brand of motorcycle that was EVER equipped with a knobby tire will be found at the Moto Armory Museum.  All bikes included are vintage, but several are also historic bikes that were raced by Hannah, McGrath, O’Mara, Dowd, Ward and too many more to list!  The location is only a few miles off Interstate 80.  If you ever have a chance to stop in, do it!SAMSUNG

2 thoughts on “G2 Attends OMA & MXC Banquet at Moto Armory Museum

    1. Hi Karl, sorry for the late reply. To be honest, I have no idea! I barely know the owner, nor do I have his contact info. I had heard they will have a grand opening in the spring, so I’ll try to let you know when I hear more. Thanks! Gary

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