G2 Perch Spacer

Improves the ergonomics of clutch and brake levers for riders with large hands.

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G2 Challenge:  Improve ergonomic fit of clutch & brake levers for riders with larger hands. 

G2 Solution:  G2 Perch Spacer.

The G2 Perch Spacer is the ONLY way for riders with big hands to comfortably use lever/perch systems designed for small hands.  A size small to medium hand is perfectly suited to pull the levers on Japanese motorcycles.  Having the levers located at the correct distance allows your fingers to engage the lever without the fingers bending too far.  Many riders with size large (and all riders with size X-large to 3X-large) are forced to bend their fingers too far to engage lever.  This action is uncomfortable and decreases hand stamina.

By simply assembling this uniquely shaped spacer with included bolts, the lever is effectively moved 6mm farther from the grip/handlebar.  This makes a HUGE difference for riders with bigger hands and/or longer fingers.  Have any doubts?  Then give it a try with the G2 Ergonomics “no questions asked return policy”.  

G2 Key Points:    

  • Machined in the USA from 6061 aluminum!
  • 2 bolts with 8mm heads included..
  • Fits all known Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha motocross, off-road and dual sport models.
  • Does not fit Magura perches on KTM models.
  • Installs in seconds!

Additional information

Weight 0.4375 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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