Motorcycle / ATV Tie Downs (pair) 6 1/2 feet

$22.95 $10.00

Sold in pairs.

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Sold in pairs! Great tie downs at an insane price!  Everybody needs 3-4 sets.  These tie downs extend to approximately 6 ½ feet, and can tighten down to 22”.  The black, 1” nylon strap with a cam-style buckle holds our company 950 Super Enduro down like a champ!

Has this ever happened to you?

“Hey, can I borrow a set of your tie downs?”

“Hi Honey, my friends brother’s uncle is buying a new fridge and needs a couple of your motorcycle strap things”

“Jimmy’s Can Am locked up about 5 miles back.  Do you have a tie down so we can pull him out?”

“I’d give you $4,500 for it, but I forgot my tie downs!”

You know they have and will countless times again.  Be prepared with a few extra sets of these quality tie downs at only 10 BUCKS EACH!!

We have a limited supply of 50 sets.  Buy 1 or all 50!!  First come – first served.


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